Pun Pun & Shoot<br>Ignited (GID)

Pun Pun & Shoot
Ignited (GID)

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“Pun Pun & Shoot – Ignited”
Limited to 250 pieces worldwide

Pun Pun first meet Shoot,
In the morning at the zoo,
He said “You’re so cute!”
and then “I only eat Bamboo!”

The days were long and lonely at the zoo where Pun Pun lived. Sometimes he played games with the other pandas, though mostly he sat by himself in the corner, dreaming of a better life. But then one day the zookeepers planted bamboo, and Shoot came into Pun Pun’s Arm. Pun Pun loved Shoot, and Shoot loved Pun Pun, too. Shoot thought, I finally have friend! Pun Pun thought, I finally have food! This is the story of a love that has gone too far.